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Definite “TO DO Customs” When Visiting Japan

Every nation has its own laws, traditions, cultures and customs that diverge from our own, and Japan is no exception. Many foreign travelers that visit Japan may not be aware of some aspects of the country, which could cause them to unintentionally disrupt, annoy or even enrage the locals. It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about a country’s customs and culture before visiting. Even though many “minor” things may seem insignificant, or seem unimportant because you are “only a visiting,” they can be in fact be very sensitive issues for nationals of any country. Being kind, considerate and educated about the country you visit will go […]

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3 Absolutes During a One-Time Trip to Dotonbori!

Visiting Osaka in Japan? When you hear the word “Japan”, you may immediately think of the amazing scenery, castles and temples, the world class transportation system that is accurate down to the minute, the friendly and respectable people that usually will go out on a limb just to help out others, or the amazing technological advances in the past century this country has made. After all, there are so many reasons why Japan is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Visiting the Famous Dotonbori Area Now let’s lock in on the Dotonbori are in Osaka. If you only have time to spend one day, in only one

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Going to Live in Japan on a Student Visa

Japan has students coming from all over the world for higher education. According to the most recent data available the number is close to around 280,000 overseas students currently studying in Japan. The Visa process can be extremely easy or extremely difficult depending the country you are applying from and whether there is an already established relationship to the Japanese Immigration system.  In some cases, one slight spelling error or a crooked line on a document can cost you the visa, but if you have luck on your side even a distinct error can be ignored. Visa Process It can be a Japanese Language School, Japanese Vocational School, or a

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Working Part-time in Japan on a Student Visa

Working and studying at the same time in Japan can be a challenging thing to do. Everything actually comes down to your financial situation and how to manage yourself without having to work hectic hours. Documents and Papers First let’s take a look at the documentation you need to work LEGALLY in Japan as a student. • Zairyuu card: Upon your arrival to Japan, at the Airport you will receive your Japanese Identification card (zairyuu card) and on the back of the card the immigration officer will stamp a “permission to work” stamp. This will allow you to work part-time jobs in Japan for 28 hours a week during in

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5 Reasons Why Japan is the BEST 2020 Travel Destination!

Where do I Travel Next? What do Majority of people have in common when it comes to choosing what to spend their hard earned cash on? After all the bills are payed, the dogs are fed, and more than enough food in the fridge, what else do people spend their hard earned money on? No, it’s not the new Play station 5 with backward compatibility coming out at the end of this year though that sounds like a good alternative! No sir, if you ask a bunch of people what they’re saving up for, more often than not, there will always be a small portion dedicated to TRAVEL. Whether they’re

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