3 Absolutes During a One-Time Trip to Dotonbori!

Visiting Osaka in Japan?

When you hear the word “Japan”, you may immediately think of the amazing scenery, castles and temples, the world class transportation system that is accurate down to the minute, the friendly and respectable people that usually will go out on a limb just to help out others, or the amazing technological advances in the past century this country has made. After all, there are so many reasons why Japan is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Visiting the Famous Dotonbori Area

Now let’s lock in on the Dotonbori are in Osaka.

If you only have time to spend one day, in only one place and get as much done as possible, Dotonbori is one of the places you would want to visit when you first touchdown in Osaka. Popular for all its Huge flashy signage and billboards, the amazing nightlife and tourist spots, as well as the vast array of activities you may do (Shopping and Arcade Gaming Included!), it is no wonder you will run into so many tourists and locals alike on any day of the week!

On your trip through and around this amazing destination, here are the three MUST TRY dishes that should be on your agenda if you want to maximize your Dotonbori experience.

1. Takoyaki

If you’re a fan of anime or manga, you may have seen or heard this iconic Japanese snack, where it is being sold on roadside shops or little town festivals alongside Yakisoba and other street snacks. If you’re a fan of food, then you will definitely want to try this out if you already haven’t.

Takoyaki is a Japanese dish made of wheat flour batter that requires a special molded pan to be used when cooking. The batter is filled with a lot of delicious ingredients like diced octopus (Tako: can’t be authentic Takoyaki without it!), green onion, tempura bits and pickles ginger. A special Takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayo is used to top it all off as well as a huge sprinkle of bonito flakes. It is served piping hot so it isn’t uncommon to see first timers burn their tongues so be careful!

Fun Fact: Takoyaki comes from the word Tako, which means octopus, one of the main ingredients in this dish. The word “Yaki”, comes from the word Yaku, which is a cooking method in Japanese cuisine, which means to “fry or grill”.

2. Okonomiyaki

If you’re a big fan of pancakes, this dish is just for you! Okonomiyaki is the savory Japanese version of your well known American Flapjacks, made with a wheat flour batter and filled with different kinds of ingredients like cabbage and select chopped up seafood or meats, and topped with Japanese Mayo, “Okonomiyaki Sauce” and Bonito flakes. Perfect when enjoyed piping hot on a cold winter afternoon while taking a break from this immense shopping district.

Fun fact: Okonomiyaki has a few different styles it is prepared in (for example):

Osaka style – Ingredients are mixed into a batter and grilled.

Hiroshima Style – Ingredients are layered and usually always include udon/soba and a fried egg. 

3. Kushikatsu

If you’re looking for a deep-fried snack, Kushikatsu is one of the dishes well known is Osaka. Kushikatsu is deep-fried food on sticks, ranging from meats like pork and chicken to vegetables like eggplants and lotus root. It is deep-fried in a panko coating and drizzled with special “Kushikatsu sauce” and served very hot. Remember to always enjoy immediately!

Fun Facts: The name Kushikatsu comes from the word “Kushi”, which is the skewer used for cooking, and “Katsu” which means cutlet or meat cutlet. It is enjoyed all over Japan but is most popular in the Shin-Sekai neighborhood of Osaka, so don’t forget to check that area out for the most authentic Kushikatsu experience!

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