Q & A

Event Atmosphere

Who is Omoroi Life?

Omoroi Life organizes international events, introducing a good mix of Japanese and foreigners together in a safe and fun environment. We want everyone to meet new people, have fun with friends and Enjoy Life! Everyone is welcome!

Can I join an event on my own?

Yes, you can join alone! Over 70% of participants joined their first event alone, but soon made friends and now join events with their new friends.

What is the average age of a participant?

The average age is around 30. There is an evenly balanced number of University students, post graduate students and working professionals.

What is the Japanese/foreigner ratio?

Depends on the event, but the average ratio is around 60% Japanese and 40% foreigners.

Event Logistics

Do I need an advance reservation?

It depends on the event. Events with limited seating do require an advance reservation. Please check each event for details.

Is there a deadline for signing up?

Reservations are accepted until capacity is reached. A place on our waiting list is available, upon request.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee!

Do I need to make a member account?

No, if the event does not require advance registration (simply showing up is fine), but where an advance reservation is required, a member’s account is also needed. Simply sign-up here.

* Please first read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

How can/where do I pay?

At most events, you will pay when you arrive at the door. We accept cash, PayPay and LINE Pay.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, we want to remain as flexible as possible for you, but with that said if you do sign-up please try your best to attend as many events have limited seating.

Are there discounts offered?

Some events offer discounts for University students. We also offer a discount card via the LINE application. Omoroi Life LINE Rewards Card