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The privacy policy of the service (hereafter referred to as “this service”) offered by the Omoroi Life (Hereafter referred to as “this site”) is defined according to the following articles:

Article 1 (Definition of private information)

1. The privacy policy of Omoroi Life defines “Personal Information”, in accordance with The Private Information Protection Law, as personal data that can be used to ascertain the identity of a particular living person such as last name, first name, mailing address, email, driving license, meeting photo, SNS account and/or telephone number.

2. The privacy policy of Omoroi Life defines browsing history and other specific data such as services used, pages visited, ad history, keywords searched, hours and minutes of use, methods of use, environment of use, postal code, nationality, gender, job position, age, IP address of the member, cookie information, location information, terminal identification number, etc.. as falling outside the definition of “Personal Information” stated above.

Article 2 (Methods of collecting private information)

1. When a member registers through this site, this service may ask for personal information such as first name, last name, address, phone number, email, SNS account, etc.

While members browse through pages of this site, and use our software and/or services (including those of our business partners) characteristic information such as history of viewed pages and ads, keywords searched, hours and minutes of use, methods of use, environment of use (in the case of accessing via a mobile device, the form of communication will be retrieved, including some characteristics of the mobile device, etc.), IP address, cookie information, location information, terminal identification number, etc. will be collected.

Article 3 (Purpose of collection and use of personal information)

The purpose of collection of personal information and of its use are described below:

(1) To improve the services offered by this site and other related services.

(2) To confirm members’ identities we may use the full name, email, SNS account information, mailing address, etc. of members.

(3) To contact the member by email in case of notification or of shipping a product during a sales campaign, members’ names, addresses and contact information may be used.

(4) To improve safety between members.

Article 4 (About security)

This club, uses various tools (such as encryption, passwords, and physical security methods) to protect members’ privacy policy and prevent unauthorized access or leakage. However, regardless of these security measures, be aware that this service makes no guarantees about the security of members’ information.

Article 5 (Provision of personal information to third parties)

(1) If it is required by law.

(2) If it is required for the protection of human life, health or property, and when the consent cannot be obtained from the member in question.

(3) If it is required for the achievement of main purposes of this service, only the minimum amount of necessary personal information will be outsourced.

(4) In the event of a merger or for other reasons such as business succession, personal information may be provided.

Article 6 (Disclosure of personal information to serviced members)

1. If personal information of a member is requested by proper legal authorities, we will immediately disclose such information. However, except for the following cases, some or all of the member’s information will not be disclosed. The legal authority will be notified promptly in the case of non-disclosure.

(1) A member’s or a third party’s life, bodily health, rights, benefits and or personal assets, etc. will be put at risk.

(2) If it will cause significant hindrance to the proper conduct of this service’s operation.

(3) If it will result in a violation of any other laws or regulations.

2. Apart from the above cases, with the exception of use history information and other such characteristic information, as a rule we do not disclose any other personal information.

Article 7 (Correction and deletion of personal information)

1. If a member thinks that his or her personal information is listed incorrectly he can request for such information to be edited or deleted in accordance with the procedures determined by this service.

2. If this service receives such a request and determines that such a request is warranted, this service will conduct the correction or deletion within a reasonable amount of time and within reasonable means, and then notify the member of this change.

Article 8 (Suspension of use of personal information)

If for any reason, a member believes that his or her personal information is being used beyond the scope of this policy or for illegal or fraudulent purposes, the member may request to have the use of his/ her personal information suspended or ceased. In such a case, this service will make the necessary inquiries and if necessary will suspend or cease (below, designated as “Suspension of Use”) the use of the member’s personal information and notification will be sent to the member within a reasonable period of time. Moreover, depending on the relevant laws and regulations, it may not be possible to grant a suspension of use request.

Article 9 (Change of privacy policy)

1. The content of this privacy policy can be edited without prior notification to members.

2. With exception of such cases determined by this service, all modifications to the privacy policy will take effect immediately upon publication to this site.

Article 10 (Contact us)

For any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact the following:

Omoroi Life Privacy Policy Administrator


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