Ultimate Frisbee (Outdoor)

Ultimate Frisbee (Outdoor)


1月 3rd, 2024
15:00 - 17:00


Naniwanomiya-Ato Park
中央区法円坂1丁目6, Osaka

アクセス: About a 5 min walk from Tanimachi-Rokuchome Station (exit 10). Walking up the stairs to the outside and then straight, the park should become visible across the large street. We will be on the opposite corner of the park (south-east corner).

About a 13 min walk from Morinomiya Station (Osaka Castle).




This is a FREE session!

  • We will be in the South-East Corner of Naniwanomiya-Ato Park (near Osaka Castle).

Let’s run, throw, jump, catch! Let’s play ultimate frisbee!

If this is your first time playing the sport, here is short video introducing the sport: Ultimate Rules

We run friendly practice sessions and pick-up style games at centrally located parks and gyms in the Osaka and the Kansai area. Players are Japanese and foreign locals, average age being in their 20’s to 30’s. Depending on numbers, we usually run short games (8-10 min), so that everyone can play lots.

Some players have at least some experience, but many people are starting for the first time, so of course all levels are welcome to join. We will explain the game and rules for anyone who needs, plus give pointers on how to throw a frisbee effectively.

もちろん、英語ができなくっても大丈夫。友達と一緒に参加でも、もちろん一人で参加でも大歓迎です。Be healthy, have fun!


  • 明るい色のシャツ/ジャージを 1 枚と、濃い色のシャツ/ジャージを 1 枚ご持参ください。
  • We also offer indoor sessions, please look for events titled “Ultimate (Indoor)”.


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