Hip Hop Dance (Tsuruha­­­­­shi)

Sun, Sep 27, 2020 / 15:00 to 16:30

Event Details

Hip Hop Dance Meetup [Foundation - Beginner]

This group is for people from different backgrounds to meet and enjoy dancing together. Beginners are highly encouraged as we will start from the very basics of dance and work our way forward.

Foundation lesson: You will learn basic hip hop steps from footwork like the cross step or the moonwalk to overall body movement like waves, twirls, and such.

** There will be a Choreography class immediately after, which everyone is welcome to join.


Tenouji Sports Center


About an 8 min walk from either Tamatsukuri or Tsuruhashi stations (JR Osaka Loop Line)

Event Group Size

Small (under 15 people)


600 yen

Note: Spaces are limited for this event, so Advanced Reservation is required. Please reserve your spot below.


This event is not availble