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What is Omoroi Life?

We are the largest international events group in Western Japan! We originally started to hold events and activities, rooted in our deep love for good food, good drink, good atmosphere, good people and good times! And to this day, we are still continuously on the hunt for that small bar, that obscure establishment and that hidden treasure that only locals know.


Exploring the streets of Japan for now over 10 years, our goal is for you to experience Japan like a LOCAL, meet interesting people and enjoy life! We openly welcome groups, individuals, locals, travelers, Japanese and foreigners alike. So come explore cool places, meet new freinds, be healthy and have fun! Hope you can join us soon!


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Sarah R.

 9 months ago

Coolest group! With various sports groups, pub evenings and short trips, you can meet both local and international people and make friends easily. I played volleyball and went to many of their social events, the enviornment was fun and relaxed :)



Rafael Takashima

 3 months ago

If you're a foreigner living around Osaka and want to make new friends, this is your chance! I believe Japanese ppl who want to meet foreigners are also a perfect match. If you have the chance go check it for yourself and we'll be there to welcome you!



Marcelo Nao

 5 months ago

Omoroi Life it’s the best way to have fun in Osaka! You can meet so many people, make friends and enjoy Japan lifestyle! I always join futsal sessions and social events like English Cafe and Food/Drinks. Love it! There are a lot of events happening every week so just find what matches to your interests and have fun! I totally recommend Omoroi Life!


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